Automatic Indexing

Mining knowledge - done automatically

Automatic indexing - mining text with clever tools

While you are currently reading this text, you are probably on the lookout for certain keywords. To find out whether this text is relevant for you and your questions. That is how people read. And machine reading is not that different. The only difference is that the text should provide keywords and be categorised to be able to assign them quickly and accurately. Even better: If the text is automatically tagged and categorised.

Our method of choice: Retresco semantics. This software developed by our technology partner Retresco analyses all types of content and recognises the important keywords and topics. Unstructured text becomes machine-readable data and digitally usable content.

Tagging and categorisation: Making content understandable.

Whether it’s news, user comments, videos, audio files, images, support e-mails, or office files: Automatic indexing can assign and link content to intelligent knowledge networks, create subject worlds, set in-text links, and automatically export subject-related content recommendations.

The text analysis includes the following tools:

  • Tagging: Automatic assignment of keywords for your texts
  • Semantic enrichment: Analysis of headers, teasers, texts, and meta data Identification of relevant persons, locations, organisations, products, events, and other keywords
  • Machine Learning: Automatic assignment of subjects based on semantic enrichment
    Categorisation: Automatic assignment of content to suitable subject worlds
  • Process optimisation: Uniform archiving and multiple usage of content

Have the keywords been correctly selected in this text? And the category as well? The software works automatically and asks you as user for confirmation. In order to become even smarter and more efficient with each application.

Content mining and text analysis - from us for you

Do you already have a digital archive and would like to mine it in such a way that it can be used automatically? In that case, we recommend Retresco Semantics - and our services to go with it.  We will gladly provide you with our experience of long-term use of automatic indexing tools - from the analysis of data stock through setting up automatic indexing to lending support.

Retresco semantics identifies persons, geo information, companies, events, products, and general keywords. It makes it possible to mine knowledge and use content for your company or institution. We will gladly advise you further and provide you with a specific offer. Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail.


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