Which types of media do we offer?


We offer high-quality, legally compliant text for your research, your reporting, or your content marketing. Whether you would like to research our press database, commission us with doing so, or use our content for your online marketing: You can profit from the whole bandwidth of media of Axel Springer SE as well as publications of other publishing houses:


DIE WELT - the national daily is one of Europe’s leading quality papers.


Cicero features analytical background reports and articles on current issues and profiles of leading figures in politics, business and culture.


Every Wednesday, Europe’s biggest sports magazine presents the best and most exclusive information from the world of sport.​


ROLLING STONE is the modern classic and the critical writer’s paper, which categorizes the developments in the music scene in a larger cultural context, while also keeping an eye on important news and trends in literature, film, art, politics and society.​


The B.Z. is the largest daily newspaper in Berlin with 140 years of tradition.


The WELTWOCHE is the swiss weekly magazine with a focus on political research journalism.​​


BILD am SONNTAG offers the latest news and exclusive interviews from politics, entertainment, business and sports​.


BLAU is a supplement to the daily newspaper DIE WELT, making it Europe’s biggest art magazine already since its launch.​


WELT AM SONNTAG is the market leader among quality Sunday newspapers and is considered one of the best designed newspapers in the world.


AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD is the consumer-oriented magazine that unites all of the important product and topical fields related to the world of the entertainment electronics and digital photography.​


EURO is the monthly magazine for business, politics, stock exchange and private finances, thus reaching decision-makers in business, politics and the financial sector.​


FUSSBALL BILD offers day by day football matches from Germany, Europe and the world. Coach transfers, transfers, table, statistics, strategies, stars and everything that happens around the playing field.


COMPUTER BILD reports every two weeks on products and trends from the areas of computers, Internet and telecommunication​.

Axel Springer SE Website Portfolio

The broad website portfolio of AXEL SPRINGER SE includes infotainment (bild.de), news (welt.de), sports (sportbild.de), finance (bilanz.de), music (rollingstone.de) and many more.​


JÜDISCHE ALLGEMEINE is germany's only supraregional Jewish weekly newspaper and one of the oldest newspapers of post-war germany​.


BILANZ stands for high-quality business journalism and intelligent entertainment in a magazine format​.


BILD – Europe’s biggest daily paper is closer to the action. Produced in Berlin with a wealth of exclusive reports, BILD keeps its readers better informed and determines the topics of the day​.

More services for words? Gladly! Ranging from article syndication through automatic indexing of content to clarification of the rights for your texts. Have a look.

Recherchezugang Text

Press Database

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Full search access to our press database DIGAS. DIGAS provides you with around-the-clock access to the media of Axel Springer SE and other publishing houses. Text search for your editorial department, your company, or your research project. Fast access to the right articles through search functions like the source manager and the cluster tree. Register now.



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Legal certainty for your publications. Secondary usage of photos and articles? Only permitted with the corresponding usage rights. We will advise you about licencing for texts and images from the media of Axel Springer SE and ullstein bild and take care of the rights for secondary usage for you. Send us your request now.



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Software or service: Media monitoring customised for you. MediaStream provides professional monitoring in accordance with your specifications. Individually selected and compiled in concentrated and clearly structured form.  To always keep you up-to-date about your industry and your business environment. All in a clearly arranged stream on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Or as a customised press review, created by our professionals individually for you. Test our MediaStream now.

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“Images from life” - that is what ullstein bild, the image brand of Axel Springer Syndication, represents. Always with an eye for on the extraordinary, our inventory has been growing for more than 100 years. And only the best photos of their time are accepted. Press photography and photo reporting from all areas of life and all countries of the world. With a particular focus on Germany and Berlin, politics and contemporary history, travel and aerial photography as well as people and events. Have a look at our images.

Partner Agencies

Thanks to outstanding partners in the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and Austria, we can also provide you with high-quality photos from abroad. For example:

Our services around photos: Ranging from image research through exhibition support and licencing for republication to exclusive postcards and calendars. Have a look.


From the editorial departments: Our facts for you. Presented as interactive infographic. In the form of historical or medical illustrations. Or as biographies about celebrities for your reporting. Have a look around to find your topic.


AS Biografien

AS Biographies

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11,000 celebrities with dates and facts. Exclusively for editorial departments and journalists. From Leonardo DiCaprio or Til Schweiger to Angela Merkel or the Queen – AS Biographies provide information about the careers and private lives of stars and famous personalities. Including vita, family, partners, jobs, health, finances, hobbies, and address. Plus a preview of all round birthdays.



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More than 270,000 images from the entire illustrations spectrum - ranging from copies of paintings to computer-generated images of symbols. In black/white or in colour. Caricatures, historical graphs in colour, autographs, and sheet music. Graphs of symbols and architecture, logos of companies, political parties and, organisations as well as political posters and title pages from German and international media. Browse around for the topic of your choice.



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How does green electricity make its way to the customer? How high is the risk of poverty in what state? Infographics get to the heart of complex information. We have more than 10,000 illustrations and visualised statistics on offer from welt.de, Welt am Sonntag, and Welt Edition. From data-based maps to medical and technological contexts and processes. Place your infographic order with us now.

Even more facts for you. In combination with our research service or information licensing. All services around facts can be found here: