Legal certainty for your publications

Licencing: On the safe side for text and images

You would like to use an article from the publications of the Axel Springer Group for your purposes. You have downloaded a photo from the database by ullstein bild and would like to include it in your article. Or you would like to post one of our texts on your homepage or in your Intranet. To do so, you will need the corresponding rights and licences. We can provide them for you. For exactly the content and the type of use you are planning.

Usage rights, secondary usage, copyright. These terms might initially sound somewhat awkward. But we can promise you: We will make it as simple as possible for you. To make sure you are legally safe with your publications - whether in print or online.

For secondary usage - the correct usage rights

Download complete and ready to start using the item? That will not suffice. You will need a permit for printing or reusing images or texts protected by copyright

  • to publish them on a website, in a newsletter, press review, in an app, or in your Intranet,
  • to send them by e-mail,
  • to print them in a newspaper, magazine, book, catalogue, or any other print product,
  • to use them for advertisement purposes,
  • to display them in an exhibition,
  • or to superimpose them during a film or television show.

Which usage right is the right one? That depends on the medium, area of distribution, and how and how long you would like to use the text or the image. We recommend you informing us of everything of which you are aware for the upcoming republication.

Who owns the rights for this article, image, or video? And is each publishing house consenting to secondary usage? These are important questions. It helps to have a partner by your side who is familiar with rights and licences. Just like us. 

Your usage request - our service

What kind of material would you like use for what purpose and for how long? The more detailed your information in the usage request, the more specific we can make our service offer. Feel free to use the contact forms and, ideally, also send us a draft of your publication. We will gladly support you with any questions and wishes you may have regarding licencing of images and texts.


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