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Press Database

Full search access to our press database DIGAS. DIGAS provides you with around-the-clock access to the media of Axel Springer SE and other publishing houses. Text search for your editorial department, your company, or your research project. Fast access to the right articles through search functions like the source manager and the cluster tree. Register now.

Photo Database

Search our photo database. 9 million photos by ullstein bild from 120 years of photography history as well as photos from our international partners are available to you. Professional access to exclusive and unique subjects, quickly and simply searched for and found - around the clock. Browse through our photos and order directly.

Commissioned Research

Still searching? We will find the information you need. Commissioned research for texts, images, and facts for editorial departments, business customers, and students. Profit from our experience in research and information compilation, accurately and reliably. Whether digital or conventional - we will use the sources most suitable for your request. Would you like us to find out something for you? Please contact us anytime.