Commissioned Research

Still searching? We will find the information you need

Commissioned research: Let us take your work off your hands

For editorial departments of Axel Springer SE, business customers, and students: We will support you with our research service and find what you are searching for. Quickly and with precision. To do so, we will use our own as well as external databases, our press archive, our photo archive, the Internet and social media.

Would you like to publish quotes by a certain politician or celebrity? Are you reporting about a region or a district and are still looking for information? Do you need background details about life during a certain decade? Are you missing the right photos for your article? Do you need specific information for a business presentation? We will find everything - for you.

Always with complete confidentiality.

Ask us. We’ll search for you.

The search is simply too extensive for you. You have yet to find the right sources. You would like to rely on professionals for your search.  Whether digital or analogue in our newspaper archive - we will use all available sources for you. We will select the right media diligently and individually, customised to your assignment.

Your questions - our research. Frequent requests from our customers:

  • Background information about political or social events
  • Photos, reports, quotes, and videos about persons of public interest
  • Country-specific or worldwide political developments present and past 
  • Information and images about a specific location or building structure
  • In general: any topics which might be of importance to you.

Photo and article research: As soon as we find information, we prepare and compile it and deliver it to you. And if you are looking to republish images or texts, we will gladly advise you regarding the required licences.

Research service: How to reach us

Employees of Axel Springer SE or of a subsidiary can simply address their research request to the research team at Axel Springer Syndication by e-mail or telephone.

Are you an external customer? You can find our contact data on this page. Simply send us your research request by e-mail or contact us by telephone.  As soon as we have received your request, we will prepare an offer for you. And as soon as the order has been confirmed, we will begin researching information to compile it in the best way possible for you. 


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