Editorial Services


Software or service: Media monitoring customised for you. MediaStream provides professional monitoring in accordance with your specifications. Individually selected and compiled in concentrated and clearly structured form.  To always keep you up-to-date about your industry and your business environment. All in a clearly arranged stream on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Or as a customised press review, created by our professionals individually for you. Test our MediaStream now.

Content Marketing

Text, images, and videos for your content marketing. Relevant content from media by Axel Springer SE for your homepage. For example with the star database: Your news linked with profiles of celebrities. Or the Then & Now slider: Personalities, locations, and structures on interactive before/after photos. Talk to us about our ideas.

Rights Assertion

Rights assertion made easy. Is your text being distributed online without your consent? You can do something about that. We will find your text on the Internet and support you in asserting your rights. For transparent legal conditions, also online. Profit from our experience in the assertion of rights.


Automatic Indexing

Mining knowledge - done automatically. For all types of content: Retresco semantics identifies relevant persons, locations, products, and companies, tags keywords, and categorises them by subject. Texts, images, audio files, and videos become digitally understandable and usable. Profit from our support for automatic indexing of your archive.


From paper to the digital world: Retro-digitisation makes it easy to use and understand your archive in digital form. We will support you with our long-term experience in extensive digitisation projects for the media of Axel Springer SE. From the initial concept through scanning to preparing your data. Contact us about digitising your archive.