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Content marketing: Media content from us for you

Top ranking factor for search engines: Relevant content. After all, users search for what they like to read, what they find important. We provide content by media professionals. Informative and entertaining. Interactively compiled. For your website or your TV spot, to spruce up your employee portal or your print medium.

Use the content from our media for the presentation of your product or company. For example with our star database: Profiles and descriptions of celebrities and personalities. Or the Then & Now slider: Photos as testaments of history - impressive images as before/after comparisons.

Star profiles for your website: From Adele to Zac Efron

What is Madonna up to these days? Which picture is George Clooney currently filming? To which club is Podolski transferring? Expand your website by a celebrity A-Z.  

Link news, texts, videos, images on your website with our star profiles:

  • Celebrities, stars and starlets
  • From cinema/television, music, fashion, society, sports
  • National & international

Continuously updated content for you, detailed and structured: Our star database provides birthdate, birth place, nationality, eye colour, height, and partner for numerous celebrities. Including attractive photo material.

Then & Now Photo Slider: Experience history intuitively

Displaying changes and bringing history to life - the impressive features of our Then & Now photo slider. For the before/after comparison, we photograph locations or structures from our archive from the same perspective again. 25 years later, or 50, or 100.

For the anniversary of significant historical events, the Then & Now photo slider presents the comparison with today and thereby embeds the event in the present as well.

Both photos are superimposed in a digital slide. Everything else is up to the user: Use the slider to discover the old and new subject and find out what kinds of changes have come with time.

Our offer of the Then & Now photo slider includes:

  • Idea and concept
  • Photos and licencing
  • Image files and editing
  • Captions and background information
  • Single slide pages or picture galleries

The Then & Now photo slider - a visual highlight which brings history and its effects on the present to life. Perfect for your subjects or your company history. 

Relevant content for your online marketing - text, images, and videos from the media of Axel Springer SE. We will support your content marketing efforts with high-quality editorial material. We look forward to you challenging us with your ideas and projects. Simply call us or send us an e-mail.


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