What can we do for you?

Content Syndication

Text for you or by you. We supply high-quality editorial contributions from the media of Axel Springer SE and other publishing houses. Or you can supply us with your articles for our archive. Or we market your licences for you. Media expertise from one source with AS Syndication. Profit from collaborating with a strong partner for editorial content and great conditions in distribution.

Photo Syndication

A modern photo agency with a century of tradition. ullstein bild offers more than 9 million subjects for your research and marketing services for your professional images. Highlights: Germany, Berlin, politics, contemporary history, travel and aerial photography as well as people and events. International collaboration with partners in Europe and worldwide. Make use of the images and the expertise of one of the most notable agencies for the spirit and history of different eras throughout history.

BILD photo service

Axel Springer Syndication GmbH has been responsible for the distribution of the BILD photo service since January 2024. The function of the BILD photo service: The BILD photo service has made a name for itself as a central point of contact for the acquisition of image and video licenses for the BILD, BILD am Sonntag, bild.de and B.Z. brands. Contact us to use our broad portfolio.


Legal certainty for your publications. Secondary usage of photos and articles? Only permitted with the corresponding usage rights. We will advise you about licencing for texts and images from the media of Axel Springer SE and ullstein bild and take care of the rights for secondary usage for you. Send us your request now.

Press Database

Full search access to our press database DIGAS. DIGAS provides you with around-the-clock access to the media of Axel Springer SE and other publishing houses. Text search for your editorial department, your company, or your research project. Fast access to the right articles through search functions like the source manager and the cluster tree. Register now.

Photo Database

Search our photo database. 9 million photos by ullstein bild from 120 years of photography history as well as photos from our international partners are available to you. Professional access to exclusive and unique subjects, quickly and simply searched for and found - around the clock. Browse through our photos and order directly.

Commissioned Research

Still searching? We will find the information you need. Commissioned research for texts, images, and facts for editorial departments, business customers, and students. Profit from our experience in research and information compilation, accurately and reliably. Whether digital or conventional - we will use the sources most suitable for your request. Would you like us to find out something for you? Please contact us anytime.


Software or service: Media monitoring customised for you. MediaStream provides professional monitoring in accordance with your specifications. Individually selected and compiled in concentrated and clearly structured form.  To always keep you up-to-date about your industry and your business environment. All in a clearly arranged stream on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Or as a customised press review, created by our professionals individually for you. Test our MediaStream now.

Content Marketing

Text, images, and videos for your content marketing. Relevant content from media by Axel Springer SE for your homepage. For example with the star database: Your news linked with profiles of celebrities. Or the Then & Now slider: Personalities, locations, and structures on interactive before/after photos. Talk to us about our ideas.


More than 11.000 subjects for your photo exhibitions. Present photographs from the ullstein bild archive - by renowned photo authors and professional press photographers of their time. Our expertise by your side: From exhibition concept and motif selection, rights clarification to production, picture hanging, and communication. Exclusive and unique photos from 100 years of photo history - let’s exhibit together.


How does green electricity make its way to the customer? How high is the risk of poverty in what state? Infographics get to the heart of complex information. We have more than 10,000 illustrations and visualised statistics on offer from welt.de, Welt am Sonntag, and Welt Edition. From data-based maps to medical and technological contexts and processes. Place your infographic order with us now.

Rights Assertion

Rights assertion made easy. Is your text being distributed online without your consent? You can do something about that. We will find your text on the Internet and support you in asserting your rights. For transparent legal conditions, also online. Profit from our experience in the assertion of rights.


Haeckel Collection

Photography time travel to the early 20th century. Discover the digitised work of the Haeckel Brothers at ullstein bild. Numerous previously unpublished images by Otto Haeckel and Georg Haeckel offer insights into every-day life during imperial times as well as into political events from the First World War to the Weimar Republic. Expressive snapshot photography in high quality. Simply enter “Haeckel” and begin your search.


More than 270,000 images from the entire illustrations spectrum - ranging from copies of paintings to computer-generated images of symbols. In black/white or in colour. Caricatures, historical graphs in colour, autographs, and sheet music. Graphs of symbols and architecture, logos of companies, political parties and, organisations as well as political posters and title pages from German and international media. Browse around for the topic of your choice.


WELT-journalists deal with the current issues and topics of our time on a daily basis. Amazing, relevant and polarizing stories as well as interviews are created, illustrated with own photo productions at www.welt-photo.de. A dedicated WELT photo editorial-team guarantees unique photo illustration.

Automatic Indexing

Mining knowledge - done automatically. For all types of content: Retresco semantics identifies relevant persons, locations, products, and companies, tags keywords, and categorises them by subject. Texts, images, audio files, and videos become digitally understandable and usable. Profit from our support for automatic indexing of your archive.


Rediscover the 1920s. The historical postcard edition by ullstein bild and paruspaper transforms postcards into small works of art. A journey through time to the Golden Twenties: Life in the cafés and streets of Berlin and other metropoles, leisure activities, grand sporting events, and technological innovation. Published in outstanding printing quality. Find your favourite subjects.


Berlin as it once was. As table or wall calendar. Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz, Kurfürstendamm. The most beautiful and famous sights, the roaring 20s, or - in colour - the lifestyle of the 1950s. Historical snapshots in outstanding quality - that is what the calendar edition by ullstein bild collection represents. Make your choice from a selection of more than 60 different subjects.

Historical Newspapers

Are you invited to a birthday party or an anniversary? Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for any kind of occasion? It has to be a unique gift that you can't find in any ordinary store. In our newspaper archiv, we have a huge variety of original newspapers and magazines from 1900 - 2015. Search for the date of your choice and your gift will be a one of a kind and something special never to forget.


From paper to the digital world: Retro-digitisation makes it easy to use and understand your archive in digital form. We will support you with our long-term experience in extensive digitisation projects for the media of Axel Springer SE. From the initial concept through scanning to preparing your data. Contact us about digitising your archive.