More than 200,000 images from the entire illustrations spectrum

Illustrations - make the most of your texts  

Sheet music by Ludwig van Beethoven. An autograph by Marlene Dietrich. Images of historical bank notes. Whatever historical or medical illustrations you may be searching for: We offer a wide variety of subjects. From a wide technological range:  Ranging from painting reproduction through graphics to computer-generated 3D recordings.

Make the most of your words - with images. Illustrations offer countless possibilities to underline the message of your text or explain complex subject matters. Perfect to draw attention to certain statements or visualising your advertisement message.

We not only have more than 200,000 subjects on offer but will also gladly provide support in case of legal and technological questions. To make sure that you are on the safe side when it comes to usage and printing.

The whole world of illustrations - one click away

When searching on, simply enter the person or event of your choice plus “Illustration” as search term and off you go. Our inventory includes:

  • More than 220,000 illustrations, 120,000 of which are in colour
  • 30,000 copies of paintings
  • 3,000 caricatures from events of world history and celebrities
  • 5,000 colour historical graphs about flora and fauna
  • 5,000 logos from businesses and organisations
  • 2,500 symbol and architectural graphs, created from 3D templates 
  • 2,000 autographs and note sheets
  • 2,500 political posters
  • 1,000 title pages from German and international media

Growing daily.

Have you registered as a customer yet? You can download your selected image free of charge immediately. Would you like to publish it, for example in a publication, a newsletter, or on the Internet? We will gladly take care of all usage right questions for you.

Your image idea - our database

Logos of companies, historical signatures of celebrities, the crest of the Republic of Donetsk in the Ukraine, copies of historical advertisement posters and signs - the choice of illustrations is so large that it is impossible to list them all.

We will gladly search our database for your subject. If you have any questions regarding subjects or usage, simply contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will gladly provide quick and straightforward advice for your intended usage.


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