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An unparalleled variety of subjects from all areas of life and all countries of the globe. From the beginnings of photography until today. That is what ullstein bild stands for.

If you are searching for high-quality and special images, we are the right partner for you.  And if you would like to offer us professional productions for marketing purposes as well. All services combined for you - at AS Syndication.

Expertise in images - approx. 9 million photos for you

ullstein bild is among the most significant agencies with images about the history and spirit of different eras. We have been continually expanding and developing our stock of images for more than a century.

The cornerstones of the image portfolio: Germany and Berlin, politics and (contemporary) history, travel and aerial photography as well as people and events. We have photos available from these international partners: Rex Features (Great Britain), Roger-Viollet (France), EFE (Spain), Mirrorpix (Great Britain), The Granger Collection (USA), Jiji Press (Japan), TopFoto (Great Britain), Fratelli Alinari (Italy), Iberfoto (Spain), Imagno (Austria), Reuters (Germany), Polfoto (Denmark) dpa (Germany), ctk (Czech Republic), africanpictures (South Africa), and many more.

Search for the following subject areas:

  • Politics, history, and business
  • Society and every-day life
  • Culture and sports
  • Celebrities and events
  • Transport, science, and technology
  • Lifestyle, beauty, food, and wellness
  • Architecture, travel, and wildlife

As a registered customer, you can download the images directly after completing your search: at or using the my-picturemaxx browser.

We market your images

Photo syndication with professionals: Are you looking for a re-marketing agency partner? Are you able to regularly deliver current productions or offer an archive for purchase? Contact us now. 

We are quite familiar with the photo market and have business relationships with all media customers in German-speaking areas. Expand your circle of customers and find new sources of earnings. Our distribution channels: my-picturemaxx, our own website, and strong partner agencies abroad. We continuously provide information about new services via Twitter, Instagram, and in our blog. We can help you reach customers worldwide from various industries:  Press and book publishing houses, television channels and film production companies, museums and exhibition organisers, advertising agencies and corporations.

Are you a professional phototographer? Are you able to deliver digitally? Multiple usage will pay off for you. We will take over all of the marketing and invoicing tasks for you and distribute a fair share of the proceeds to you.

Talk to us about our services. If you are looking for or offering images, would like to have a strong distribution partner by your side, or have technical or legal questions. We provide consulting services for photo agencies, photographers, and customers in the area of photo syndication. Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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Politics & sports
Society & everyday life
Transport, science & technology
Lifestyle, beauty, food & wellness
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