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Historical photos, art photography, current events. Whatever you may be searching for, you will find it in the ullstein bild archive. Start searching immediately? You can. Our photo database holds 9 million motifs available for you. Including photography from our international partner agencies.

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Are you an art buyer, image editor, or are you researching for an institution or a company? Simply register under - and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Image preview: Access extensive information about each image, such as a description, photographer, associated dossiers.
  • Presentation: Have results presented however you like by selecting between different sorting and presentation options.
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  • Dossier letters: Find information about current birthdays, anniversaries, jubilees, and anniversaries of death - and our photos to go along.

As soon as we have confirmed your registration, all functionalities will be accessible to you:

  • Price calculator: Have the price for the use of one or several photos calculated immediately online.
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  • Download: Download your images immediately - without any service charges. In the exact resolution you need. Please remember: If you would like to publish one of the images, please be sure to purchase the corresponding usage rights from us beforehand. Also done very simply: online.

Our photography database at i-picturemaxx

By the way: Our photography database is also available on the photo network i-picturemaxx. Simply enter topics, persons, events, or anniversaries - you will find the right motif in no time in the place “ullstein bild”. We will gladly enable the image download for you - simply contact us.

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And should you not be able to find what you are searching for, simply address your question to your contact partner. By e-mail or telephone, however you prefer. We will gladly support you.


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