Infographics get to the heart of complex information

Infographics - complex information well explained 

Every week, WeltN24 creates more than one hundred infographics about subjects ranging from politics, business and finance, science, and automobiles to travel, sports, and general information.

Informative and interactive - illustrations and statistics visualised

Drawings, informative graphs, visualised statistics: Infographics illustrate developments, make complex economic data easy to understand, and make outstanding athletic performance palpable.  Our extensive portfolio is at your disposal to visualise your subjects.

Our spectrum includes explanatory graphs with complex illustrations, political, historical, or data-based maps, and descriptive presentations of medical and technological contexts and processes.

  • Emergency: The speed of Berlin’s police to crime scenes
  • Where doctors are lacking in Hamburg
  • The sequence of the papal election as animation
  • Developments in shipping and e-commerce
  • Poverty risk by states
  • Birth rate by continents

Would you like to use a WeltN24 infographic in your online medium or in your print product? Contact us anytime by telephone or e-mail. We can provide cost-efficient licencing and provide the infographic in the required quality.


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