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Whether for your editorial department, your company, or your research project: Whatever you may be researching, our database offers you around-the-clock access to the full diversity of the press. Primarily the media of Axel Springer SE. Meaning BILD, B.Z., DIE DAME, BERLINER ILLUSTRIRTE ZEITUNG, DIE WELT, COMPUTER BILD, AUTO BILD, SPORT BILD, and many more. But that is not all: You will also have access to publications of other publishing houses, such as Spiegel, Stern, FOCUS, Manager Magazin, taz, Tagesspiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung. Overall, we can grant you access to approx. 200 publications.

Text research with DIGAS: quick access to the full diversity of the press

DIGAS stands for: Digital Archiving System of Axel Springer SE. Your access to the digital content of the Axel Springer newspapers and magazines as well as publications of other publishing houses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How to search texts:

  • Complete and clearly arranged your search automatically includes two steps: As a first step, DIGAS searches all selected sources for your search term. As a second step, the system will check whether information regarding this topic has been bundled before - in the form of dossiers. If so, DIGAS will present them to you.
  • Select time period: For example “yesterday” or “over the last two years”. Or you can leave the time period open. Publications prior to 1996 have not yet been digitised.  Please contact our research service, so we can check our printed archive.
  • Cluster tree: Does your search term produce (too) many hits? Use the cluster function to sort the relevant results by priority. The cluster tree will show you the search results grouped according to categories, so you can quickly find the most important information for you.  

Other functions, such as the hit list, the source manager, and professional search will support you in finding exactly the results you need for your article and your research.

Your access to the press database: Contact us now.

Whether you are part of Axel Springer SE or an external customer - DIGAS helps you carry out your research quickly and efficiently about the subject of your choice.

Employees of Axel Springer SE or of a subsidiary can simply address their request to the team "Systemlösungen" at Axel Springer Syndication by e-mail or telephone.

Are you an external customer? Simply contact one of our customer consultants at Axel Springer Syndication Sales by e‑mail or telephone - we will also gladly send you the DIGAS user contract in advance. As soon as the contract is signed, we will provide you with your access information promptly.

If you already have your access information, login here for our press database.


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