Rediscover the 1920s

Historical postcards - take a journey to the Twenties

The “Golden Twenties” represented a new sense of joie de vivre. Life in the cafés and streets of metropoles, new leisure activities, grand sporting events, and technological innovation. And everything documented with the steadily refining possibilities of photography. By the outstanding photo artists of their time.

Discover the subjects of renowned photographers in the historical postcard edition of ullstein bild and paruspaper - such as Madame d'Ora (Dora Kallmus), Yva (Else Neuländer-Simon), Martin Munkácsi, Atelier Balasz, Imre von Santho, Max Schirner, Robert Sennecke, Friedrich Seidenstücker or Atelier Binder.

Picture postcards as portrayal of the times

An unparalleled edition maintained in cooperation between ullstein bild and the postcard publisher paruspaper - an aesthetic comprehensive image and historical document at the same time. paruspaper only accepts especially expressive photos into their collection. The subjects are published in exceptional print quality and transform postcards into small works of art.

Discover your favourite subjects:

  • Fashion: Charleston dresses, pants for women, or bobs
  • Street life in the large cities 
  • Leisure activities: Dancing, tennis, travel, sailing
  • Technological innovations: From gigantic ocean liners to the zeppelin
  • Sports: Football, cycling races, or boxing
  • Nightlife: Theatre, revues, concerts, bars

Snapshots telling (hi)stories

Take a journey through time into the life of the “Golden Twenties” which have lost nothing of their appeal despite being nearly 100 years in the past.  Many of the photos were taken in Berlin. This cultural metropolis with the highest density of publishers, theatres, and cafés exerted a special appeal during the twenties.

Hundreds of thousands attended football games. Automobile and cycling races as well as boxing events were visited by gigantic crowds of spectators. Airships, aeroplanes, cruise steamships, and automobiles made traveling very inviting.

At the Romanisches Café, an outdoors tea dance, piggyback by the beach... discovered your favourite motif yet? More than 100 subjects await in selected bookstores and shops. Let the “Golden Twenties” come to life again.

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You can also find a collection of historical motives at ullstein bild.


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