Software or service: Media monitoring customised for you

Media monitoring - the right decisions require the right information

More news, more images, more videos. Every day. It is not easy to keep an overview and select what is important for your business and your industry. Our MediaStream can help. As software or as a service provided by our experts, it will deliver all the relevant information to you quickly and reliably. Compiled in alignment with your expectations, concentrated, and with an easy overview. To help you save time to evaluate developments and make the right decisions.

Professional monitoring according to your specifications: MediaStream

Never miss important information again without having to keep an eye on everything at all times. That is the reason customers use MediaStream.

Axel Springer SE, Europe’s leading digital media house, utilises MediaStream for the daily press review.

MediaStream channels the flood of information and compiles it in such a way that you can work with it.

MediaStream is available

  • as a software which you can use directly in your company to filter and compile information according to your specifications
  • as a service for which our lectors select and compile information for you.

MediaStream as software

MediaStream as a software will always keep you up-to-date about the most current information. You will never miss an important item of news from your industry or your business environment again. MediaStream registers, compiles, and classifies articles from different online sources by using linguistic processes for the topics which are relevant for you. The articles are streamed in a clearly arranged way onto your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and you can customise the display yourself quickly and easily.

MediaStream as service

Or you can commission our experts with media monitoring for the topics which are most relevant for you. Our information and analytics professionals will search daily, business, consumer, and professional media for you. The result is a MediaStream which is perfectly customised to your needs and fulfils your expectations of a comprehensive press review. Always be up-to-date about the current topics of discussion and developments in your industry. Selected from a flood of information, we will provide you with information which is filtered, structured, and concentrated, so you can make the right decisions.

Get more out of media monitoring. Contact us to see what MediaStream can do for your requirements. You can also test MediaStream free of charge in a test account. Simply call us or send us a message.


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