Weimar Female

Women and Gender Diversity in Modernistic Cinema (1918 - 1933)

Exhibition at the German Film Institute & Film Museum in Frankfurt | March 29, 2023 - November 12, 2023

The exhibition is dedicated to gender diversity and women in the cinema of the Weimar Republic. In film, gender swapping, self-determination and homosexuality were themes, but the most popular was the "New Woman." To this day, her type stands for modernity and breaking out of conventions; it comes to life in series like Babylon Berlin or Eldorado KaDeWe. But who were the real New Women? After World War I, they confidently took advantage of professional opportunities, including in the burgeoning film industry. Their stories are told with numerous exhibits and film examples. (Text: DFF Frankfurt am Main)

For more information, visit the website DFF Frankfurt.

In the gallery you can see the Ullstein exhibits and other original photographs from the ullstein bild collection.

The corresponding photo dossier can be found at ullstein bild.



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